Don’s Personal Bio

Job Title: Professional Computer Geek, University of Chicago Computer Scientist, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, etc.

Dating Status: None of your damned business, buster! But I have five cats, so there is no waiting (Rusty – read tabby Persian; Sabrina – chocolatecolorpoint Himalayan; and three Norwegian Forest Cat kittens[aka Weegies], Max, Senja, and Thor — see the scrapbook for all the cute kitty pics), if you catch my drift. Other details ARE NOT available upon request.

Hobbies: Are you kidding me? I work all the damn time with my 8 million jobs, so who has time for hobbies? OK, so when I’m not working I’m a movie nut (been taking Roger Ebert’s U of C extension film course each year since 1978), an opera nut, an Aruba nut, a wine nut, a San Francisco nut, an Ohio State and Northwestern football nut, and I guess, just plain nuts.

Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio. Ohio’s first and third capitals (1803-1812, 1814-1816). Aren’t you glad you know that?

In High School I was: Founding Chairman of the AWC (Ass of the Week Club). The goofy details are available on request! Also, I did the morning and daily PA announcements in the form of 15 minute radio shows. You see, my geekdom is well-earned!

Favorite Restaurant: Tokyo Marina. 5000 something North Clark (just south of Foster). Best sushi in the Midwest. Fabulous Udon noodle dishes. Great tempura, sukiyaki, etc. Excellent Japanese beer list. If you go, have the soft-shell crab maki, beef udon, and a large Asahi beer (or two or three or four). And some nice green tea ice cream. Yummy! Runnerup: The Duke of Perth, Clark and Oakdale. Authentic Scottish pub. Best fish and chips in the U.S.A. A single malt scotch list you won’t believe. Try the 25 year old Macallan. Unbelieveable! Second Runnerup: Mighty Nice Grill in Water Tower Place. Who says Rich Melman can’t excel at comfort food.

Favorite Sport’s Team: The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team. Nothing beats sitting in the Horseshoe in Columbus, watching The Best Damn Band in the Land doing Script Ohio at halftime of another blowout game against a Big Ten archrival. Go Bucks!!! Now, if we could only beat Michigan!!!

Someday I’d like to: Own a winery in the Napa Valley. Retire to Aruba. Do mid-day or drive time radio every day on WGN.

Dubious Achievements: 1st place, Ohio High School Music Association Statewide Performance Competition, 9th grade (tuba). OK, I had braces, couldn’t play the trumpet that year and got really good at the tuba. So sue me. It could have been worse. I could have gone to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music on a tuba scholarship that my music teacher arranged for me.

Worst job I ever had: A tie among census taker, being a garbageman, and being an asphalt shoveler on a summer road crew. When you’re young and in college, you’ll do most anything to make some summer bucks. Even drive a cab until you are robbed at gunpoint (which I did).

Most prized possession: Stuff is stuff. I am trying to be less of a collector, so it does not matter. My grandma Landrum’s scrapbook, though, is irreplaceable. She was a great lady and that scrapbook reminds me of her everyday, even if I have currently misplaced it! I’m such a putz. Oh, by the way, my sister Diana is pissed at me because she did not know about the scrapbook and now secretly covets it. But that is OK because I secretly covet her two sweet kids, my two nephews, Ryan and Patrick.

Do you use the internet: If I don’t, you’ve got a scoop! In fact I use so much of the Internet that the government is thinking of creating Internet 3 just to service me!

Type of machine used: If I list them all, Web Design Group will have to add a bunch more megabytes to Fresh Crabb. The five machines I use the most each day are a Hitachi Mx-T (166MHz Pentium/MMX Windows 95 notebook), Apple PowerBook G3 (292MHZ G3 Power PC), Gateway 2000 Solo 9100 (266 MHz Pentium/MMX Windows 95 notebook), Apple G3 WorkGroup Server (300MHz PowerPC G3), and Power Computing PowerTower Pro 225 (with the very hot NewerTech 300MHz G3 CPU upgrade).

Vehicles I drive/own: Who are you, the frigging DMV?